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The function of Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM) Ground Validation (GV) program at the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center is to provide support for PMM, in connection with the ground based validation of the PMM satellite observations. The PMM GV Office is the focal point for the planning and implementation of a broad and integrated observational program of precipitation and related climate research, designed to meet the specific science validation objectives established by the PMM science team, and which are also consistent with programmatic requirements established by NASA Headquarters.

The stated PMM GV goals

  • Organize a GV Program consisting of several ground validation sites throughout the world;

  • Improve radar rain estimation techniques (e.g., radar/reflectivity algorithms, dual polarization and dual frequency applications);

  • Investigate microwave attenuation techniques (e.g., from satellite transponders and surface links);

  • Perform precipitation research (e.g., characterization of precipitating systems,precipitation physics, etc);

  • Develop representative rainfall climatologies from existing sources of data;

  • Develop quality control, processing and analysis software for radar, rain gauge and disdrometer data;
  • Support the Precipitation Measurement Mission (PMM) science team;

  • Quality control, catalog, and archive all acquired radar, rain gauge,and related data;

  • Participate in the planning and execution of all PMM sponsored field experiments related to the validation of PMM observations.

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