TRMM Satellite Validation Office

KAMP Completed!!!

The TRMM Satellite Validation Office (TSVO) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland is participating in the Keys Area Microphysics Project (KAMP), which is being held in the lower and middle Keys of Florida from August 15, 2001 through September 24, 2001. KAMP is an official part of the CAMEX-4 program, which is being based in Jacksonville, FL over the same period. Dr. Michael Biggerstaff of Texas A & M University is the Principal KAMP Scientist.

While the official role of TVSO is to support both KAMP and CAMEX-4 operations, additional effort and planning will allow the office to investigate the possible role of Key West as a principal Ground Validation (GV) site for TRMM.

TVSO will deploy a number of rain gauges and several disdrometers along the lower and middle Keys, and will also provide staffing support for the new NASA Polarimetric Radar (NPOL) and the NASA/TOGA radar. TVSO will also set up and maintain a data processing center on Big Pine Key for copying and processing the radar, gauge and disdrometer data.